Casting Instrucciones al ‘Obtenga su Crush love you! Deletrear “

Entrar en una habitación tranquila. Realmente no importa if alguien más con usted está allí, siempre y cuando Esten tranquilas there enviaban distraer a usted. Siéntate con las piernas cruzadas tomar en el suelo y su brillo de labios (lápiz de labios de oro) are aplicarlo a tus labios a fondo.

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Tome el pedazo de papel (rasgar en una forma de desviación rectangular) presione y sus labios en el centro del papel; Besando Esencialmente el papel.

Luego, Volume knew agrupación medios of the escritura (lápiz, lápiz, marcador, etc.) y escribir el completo de su enamoramiento number por encima of the labios de impresión; ejemplo: Jamie (usted sabe knew if / su segundo number Entonces lo puso allí if no apuntas realmente no importa) Quinn Maslow.

Coloque el papel in frente de usted, como usted con las piernas is sienta cruzadas, y sus manos Mantenga alrededor encima of a pie. Cierra los ojos y lo que realmente in concentrarse * pensar enamorado Y en tu el spell *

If siente a leve tirón deberes hacia el papel críticas objetivo resisten.

Diga “completo el * * Crush number of debe amarme. Haga as él / ella las verdaderas cualidades worm consisten mid alma, y ​​los I` Sami hara. Nuestro amor Extender y para siempre hasta eternamente that ambos muramos. Es divertido , inteligente, e ingenioso, como yo lo largo there was no hacer nada propósito Prometo obra para la santa eternidad. “UNA VEZ SÓLO!

Abre los ojos y el papel en una doblar hamburger, besar a lado, doblar nuevo hasta que es como un cuadrado. Beso That oz Más continuación, Utilice el para clip mantenerla cerrada.

Agria hacer para esa mantener depende de seguridad quiere usted que el roto spell.

Funcionó para mí, espero para usted y that funcione. Me lo hace if mensaje!

Exorcism Magic – The Circle

Exorcism Magic – The Circle
This method is very suitable for covens that can quickly assemble various witches. Instead of relying on one that exploits the weaknesses of the formula or spell evil spirit, exorcism in a circle drawn on the raw magic power of several people together.

Usually all that is needed is that witches standing in a circle around the possessed, the hand of the other and repeating a spell order the release of the victim. It is important to send positive healing energy to the victim. After a few minutes, most demons crack under the pressure of the positive energy flowing toward the center of the circle, and then be forced to leave. All you need to do now is to banish the spirit, unless he has already fled.

Magical exorcism – Imprisonment

Magical exorcism – Imprisonment
Excorcism by the Prison prison SpellThis method not only expelled the evil spirit from the body of his victim, but transferred to an inanimate object which will be caught.

جلب الحبيب بالقرآن في خلال٦٠ دقيقه

First, you need to have as much information as possible about the spirit itself. What her name? What is its purpose? Do you have special powers? Is it related to one of the four more than the other elements?

Use all the information to write a spell to take advantage of the weaknesses of the devil in order to expel him. Apart from this enchantment you will also have a sheet of paper on which to write the name of the demon (if the name is unknown, you can use a design or symbol to represent the devil). You will burn this paper during the ritual, with a candle dedicated to that purpose.

You will also need an object to contain the demon – as a small stone.

The ritual is as follows:

Recite the incantation, the burning of paper with the name or symbol.
Drop the object that you have chosen as a “prison” the embers of this paper to absorb the spirit.
Pour the wax candle in the object-prison to seal it.
Once the spirit is trapped, you can destroy the object imprison symbolically, for example throwing fire consecrated by the gods, and sprinkle salt on the flames to bless.

Exorcism – The Basics

Exorcism – The Basics

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BasicsAn exorcism exorcism is a scenario when the strength of a spirit which is possessing the body of a human being is removed. There are three different types of exorcisms:

Self-exorcism: This occurs when the possessed person still conscious, is intensely focused on emotions, memories or inconsistent thoughts with the devil or ghost, to the extent that the hold of the evil spirit is weakened by the inner strength of its victim. With his knowledge of concentration, meditation and emotional control, witches, pagans and means better placed to exorcise themselves.
Exorcism for eviction: This is when the possessed person is rescued by a charitable spirit that enters the body and takes the place of the devil or ghost, forcing them to leave. Once the enemy is gone, the beneficent spirit loose and the victim is released. Pets, some benevolent angels and ghosts can play this role.
Exorcism by magic: This is the most powerful form of exorcism, when a third party uses a spell or ritual to expel the holder by force of magic. (Note that if the person has possessed enough control to do the ritual or formula and perform a self-exorcism by magic, it can be very powerful!)
General principles of exorcism
There are so many ways to perform an exorcism, as there are cases of possessions, but some general rules are worth mentioning:

In addressing the evil spirit with a spell, it should be mandatory, binding and authoritative. This will weaken the holder and help awaken the victim.
All those present during the exorcism must be protected (by, for example, protection spells, talismans, or magic circle) to keep the spirit to possess another person. And obviously, children, and mentally unstable people drunk or drugged people should not attend the ritual.
Before starting an exorcism, there must be a way to expel the spirit once removed from the body of the victim, unless flees voluntarily. It may be a written specifically for this purpose spell an ink run sage, or any other technique that will work.
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جلب الحبيب بالقرآن وصفات مجربه بالقرآن

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Demonic Possession – The Basics

Demonic Possession – The Basics
Possession and ExorcismExorcism is an issue that is not often covered by Pagan and Wiccan websites. However, it is something that can happen, and what is best is to have tools in toolbox one – just in case.

First, let’s talk about possession.

Who is vulnerable to possession?
It is commonly thought that Wiccans, pagans and others who practice the occult are more susceptible to possession – because they are more receptive to the phenomenon of another world, and also because they deliberately invoking certain spirits. However, this is only partially true. Newbies or people who are just dabbling in the occult may be more susceptible to possession, because they can not follow safety procedures, like drawing a circle properly. Experienced witches and occultists generally have a lot of willpower and are highly resistant to possession.

Apart from the occult novices, others who are vulnerable to possession are people playing with tools such as Ouija boards, or visiting places that are full of spirits (eg old cemeteries and haunted houses). Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be even worse if these people are naturally susceptible to possession – this could be because they are young, mentally unstable, or have psychic powers undeveloped and untrained.

How it works Possession
Possession may take the form of forms. In theory, any conscious entity can possess a human being, but the most common are the demons, followed by the ghosts of human beings.

Demons usually have people either to harm them directly (inciting suicide risk behaviors, borderline) or to attack others. A demon can have trouble catching his victim completely, depending on the victim, and also in the force of the devil. But the longer a demon stays in the body a more detrimental possessed person will be, as they try to break the link between a person’s soul and body, which can lead to death.

Usually, a demon will not leave the body of the person, unless forced to, or unless they reach their target and no longer need the physical body.

Malicious ghosts who have a grudge against the living possession sometimes use to achieve their purposes. Like ghosts they have lived in human bodies before they are better at controlling these, but their energy is lower than most of the demons, therefore, possessions tend to be intermittent and very short, and only affect people most vulnerable (eg children). Often, the ghost will leave the body of their victim after a few minutes, exhausted by the struggle against the will of the person.

Symptoms of possession
Although rare, possession is a phenomenon that is very frightening to witness. If the victim does not have the inner strength to fight against the invader, they can lose consciousness completely, and have no memory of the episode in which the possession ceases. If the victim is fighting spirit, they retain their awareness of the entire possession.

The main symptom of possession is observable behavior changes. The victim may become violent toward others or themselves, for no apparent reason. Sometimes unexplained pain can attack them, and injuries can suddenly appear on their bodies.

Occasionally, there may be so obvious signs that there can be no doubt about what is happening. The victim can demonstrate superhuman strength, or even the use of supernatural powers such as telekinesis (moving objects by thought alone) or PyroGenesis (set fire to objects by thought alone). Some demons can change the appearance of the possessed person – a common sign is completely black eyes.

Read my next article on the basics of exorcism.

Solomon Triangle – Triangle of Art

Solomon Triangle – Triangle Artah yes, the Triangle of Solomon. The second most important for Mago conspiracy by the Magic Circle tool. Triangle of Solomon is used in conjunction with the Magic Circle. It is to sit outside the Magic Circle just a few feet away.What is and what it does, you ask? It is used in the conspiracy of celestial or demonic / angelic spirits. It is in this triangle displayed and are forced to obey. Why they will do obey? Because it has 3 Sacred names of God – Tetragrammaton, Primeumaton and Anaphaxeton either side and has the name of Miguel (St. Michael) which is divided into 3 sections MI – CHA – EL. This contains the spirit from escaping and forces them to obey. This does not mean in any case they will obey. However, it helps the process. Some magicians like Crowley would use large fresh blood of a slaughtered animal in the Triangle to attract the Demon. For blood is the life force and demons thrive on it. Crowley sacrifice three white doves and pour the blood on each corner of the triangle. The demon would stay until the life force runs out, then leave demon. This is not something you’re going out and trying. Those of you who are reading this … if you have no experience, it would only end up possessed or killed. This is just for your interest and thirst for knowledge.The Triangle can be found in the manuscript “The Goetia” also known as “The Key of Solomon the King”. Once again he is one of the most important tools in the conspiracy of Spirits.There several ways to create this Triangle of Art: 1. You can track on the ground in dirt or sand. This is not the best way to do it.2. You can make one wooden and paint. The triangle and the letters should be black, with the black circle in the middle of it. The interior should be white. You can do it differently if you so choose and I have in the picture above. The choice is yours. With this method you can set on the floor and take it with you when you’re done with your magical operation. These two methods are good if you are trying to conjure the spirit into the physical. How big should it be? The best size would be 36 x36 “x36” “0.3. Now … the other method is to conjure the spirit in a crystal ball that is placed in the center of the triangle or the use of a mirror in the center Black Triangle. With this method, the Spirit is evoked, but you have to guess or see on the astral plane, where then Spirit. The mirror or crystal ball only acts as a focal point. You can set the triangle on a small round table and place a crystal ball in the middle or you can prop up the triangle so that is standing and looking into the Black Mirror, as seen in the image above. Again, you should be able to Scry or should I say, have Astral Vision, to be seen in the astral plane. Those who have not developed this skill will not succeed. It takes a lot of practice or Scrying Crystal Gazing in Black Mirror, which is something you can do without conjuring any Spirit and develop their psychic Senses.Now Astral Vision and who have a little more knowledge of saving for a day when you are ready to use it.

Blood and fire Spell

This spell was contributed by eljeen

Cast your circle casting space (casting a circle is optional). Place the pentacle in the center of the circle (if you have a pentacle). Place the candle in the center of the pentacle (if you do not have a pentacle then place the candle circle). Light the candle. While lighting the candles say: As the candles are lit, fire Make my heart and shine, to bring love to be mine, Memories of our love must unite, Our hearts are bound together, we’ll be in love forever, I come back to me, fire from below, bring me love I do know, do not reverse or curse, so, Take your paper (preferably a copy of a photo of the beloved, as it burns, and writes on the back of the photo copied), and write what you want or want on it with the pen. Now sit in front of the flame and meditate on what it is you want. Imagine coming to life, letting emotions of happiness that would result if he was granted his wish to fill your being, and visualize energy swell inside you .. When you do say: I invoke thee, O Lord God the Creator the heavens and the earth, Father of all, Lord and Savior Hear my prayer, do all my successful efforts and all the negative things neutral, fertile Make all my work, and let my life be lived again! Grant this wish I wish tonight, I wish I may, I wish it could, Grant this wish I wish tonight. Then say what you want, explain aloud. When you have finished explaining, demonstrating display it. You must use the sharp object to cut yourself. Make the cut or puncture on the ring finger of his left hand. (Does not have to be too deep, enough to make you enough blood) Once bleeding, make sure the blood drops on his desire and say: The pain of this wound, you reflect, and love from her, she must come to me, as I want, so, flow like a river flow of my skin, soaked in red on the inside, this blood sacrifice they make, to get what I want from my desire Then make sure the bleeding stops after the desire is completely covered. Then says Almighty God, hear my prayer! Lord of fire, burning my desire, three times if you pretend to be, * name * Bring back to me. Invoke the law of 3 than previously lost back to me, I gave my love my heart to see love, I have now taken receipt, give love, receive love, give love, receive love. San Antonio find my love me, love me back to 3 * 3! This is my will, by the power of three, by the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit This is my wish, so do yourself! When you have finished meditating in his desire for a little more. After you’re done, then record the photo (photo burn candle on black) and blow out the candle. Remove the circle from one place, keep your Pentacle and sail wherever it is you want. Bury the ashes (preferably at the base of the tree) or spread them on the floor, anywhere will work. While bury or scatter the ashes, say: So be it!

* Be sure to sterilize and cover the wound. *

And then you’re completely finished. Enjoy.

Love spells are a very difficult issue

Love spells are a very difficult issue, and it can be very powerful as well. You must be very careful here, more than anywhere else, trying to throw just the right spell.
Although a simple level, a spell attraction and infatuation spell may look similar, both give different results and have different side effects.

With this in mind, it is important to remember, especially with love spells, never again to cast a spell to overlay or undo the effect of the other. Nor should treat these spells layer.

If you want to undo the effects of a spell to do it correctly cast a spell specifically designed to break the spell of age.